The beginning of my homesteading journey

Growing up, I have always lived on dairy farms.  My mom always had a garden.  We would preserve and can a lot of vegetables.

Ever since we moved to Rossburn in July of 2004, I have had my own garden.  I was so proud of that first raised bed my husband built for me! It was huge… like 4×8 … feet… lol

I remember thinking back then, what will I grow?  So much space… so many choices… Since then, we have added 2 more raised beds, a big hoop/tunnel greenhouse and a ground level garden.


We have added fruit trees 2 years ago. We have tried our hand at raising rabbits (and failed miserably) and pigs (with success). We have added 3 boys to the mix as well. Big N is almost 8, Middle N is 4 today and Little N is 15 months.

We built a big workshop for hubby in 2013… in which we currently live so that we can build a house. Oh.. and hubby is a self-employed electrician since fall of 2013 and I am his book keeper!

What has happened to my gardens/animals you may ask? The pigs are long gone to the butcher and my gardens suffered immensely! I will put pictures of shame in the next few weeks.

My 2015 resolution: Find myself!

After Little N was born, I found myself spiraling mentally.  I had no idea who I was anymore.  I knew I was a mom and wife… but who was I?  What do I love doing? Why am I not doing that anymore?  I had committed myself to so many things without even asking myself if I really wanted to do that… I just went with the flow. So I decided that 2015 would be the year to bring me back…

I let go of all my volunteer work, I put a stop to my webdesign business, took a deep breath and decided to go back to what I really enjoy doing… gardening!  I want to be able to feed my family home grown food, vegetables and some fruits to start, and eventually adding meat to the mix.  Although I would love to make some money too, but that, for now, is not my main goal.

Considering that I still have small children, a house under construction (and we are building it ourselves!) and hubby’s business, I have decided to make small steps towards my big goal!

Baby steps towards my goal

This year: clean up my act!  My gardens and greenhouse are a mess from 2 years of neglect.  I need to regain control of the weeds, add more organic matter to the soils and rethink my general garden design.  My raised beds need to be taken care of, the fence needs to be put up again and the fields somewhat cleaned from the burs and whatnot.

Next year: I want.. no … I need to start growing my own seedlings again!  My fingers are twitching so bad this year, but I just don’t have the space! I want to have a few pigs again too.

Over the next few years: Keep growing my vegetable patch and maybe start selling my surplus.  I also want to add on to the animal side of it… although not to sure if goats/chicken/ducks/turkeys yet.  By then, my baby will be in school and I will have more time to take care of this all! 🙂

There, I will leave you with a pic of our house under construction.  We have thought about this design for … well… almost 10 years 😉 Thanks to Lakeshore Homes, it is becoming a reality for us!

Triple N Acres new headquarters

Good night everyone! 🙂

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