My first Fusion project

A new shop opened a few years back in our small town called My Happy Little Paint Shop. I couldn’t wait to take a look especially since we were in the midst of building a brand new house. I will warn you now, I LOVE that shop. Ariel and Adam are such nice people and so are the kids. I honestly love their paint too… especially the Fusion paint line.  I do not get compensated to talk/use their paint, so this is truly my own opinion.

What was my first project?

As I mentioned we were building a new house.  Our outside is grey so nothing extraordinary there.  I knew that I wanted to do something that would make my front door pop out a bit.  I had attended a few of her workshops before and asked about Fusion for the door. And I am so happy that I did!! It was so simple to do and it is tough!

Prep and paint

That was it.  I didn’t wash my door as it was brand new.  Now, if I were to repaint it, I would just wash it with TSP before prepping.  Fusion is great as you don’t need to prep all the time, but I knew that my doors would take a beating and that I needed them to last, so I chose to apply the Fusion Ultra Grip (their primer) first.  One layer of that and wait 12 hours for it to dry properly.  Then I used Fusion Renfrew to paint. I did 2 layers. And that was it.  I didn’t apply any finisher on it as I ran out of time before winter…. and I still haven’t as both doors are still looking great.  One (my front door) is very protected from the outside elements but my back door isn’t.  Both still look great.

Front door

Back door

And that was just a start…

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