One tradition that we have kept alive is St-Nicholas Day. This one is not so much known around here, in fact, we were pretty much the only ones celebrating it as kids. How our friends thought we were lucky!

In the evening of December 5, all the children would put out a shoe on the windowsill. At night, St-Nicholas would then come and fill it up with small treats and little toys. Nothing fancy but enough to make us very excited next morning.

The story behind

From what I learned, St-Nicholas was an old man, traveling around on a donkey. He was the patron saint of children. We were always told that he was taking care of poor people, even though he did not have much himself. From what I recently read, he saved little girls from being sold as slaves by throwing dowry money down the chimney or through the window.

Another story tells that there once were three little lost kids. Up ahead in the distance, they saw a shimmering light (yeah, I just did quote The Eagles!). Anyways, they knocked at the door and a butcher let them in. He kills the children and makes salt pork with them. St-Nicholas then knocks on his door, and asks for some salt pork. Being found out, the butcher admits his crime. St-Nicholas resuscitates the children and chains the butcher to his donkey. He goes on with his travels, bringing along his nemesis, called “Pierre Lenoir” or “Père Fouettard”, some call him Boogeyman. We never actually heard this side of the story, even though I heard about “Père Fouettard” before. Now I finally know who that is!

How about you?

I guess we lived in a pretty pink world where we weren’t threatened by a boogeyman or not having gifts if we were naughty. All we would do, is leave a shoe in the windowsill and get up very, very early next morning, and none of our friends had a clue about what this was once we moved to Canada!

Does anyone else here celebrate St-Nicholas and how so?

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