So I went all out for you this time, putting aside my deepest fears and laying it all out…

I actually tried a Pinterest idea, live on Facebook, without practicing first or anything… (insert ooohhs and aaahhhs)

Seriously, with St-Patrick’s day right around the corner, I felt like decorating. So I used this fast and simple idea (hey, remember, three kids, so this needs to be fast) to create a cute decoration. And on the plus side, you can even reuse them for Easter!

For this project, one will need:

  • terracotta flower pots
  • dark fusion paint (or acrylic for a more mate finish)
  • ModPodge
  • glitter (gold or green)
  • shamrock decals (I can hook you up with these, just e-mail me!)

See Prairie Collective Co. if you want to buy this awesome fusion paint and/or this glitter!

Ok, so here we go!!

First, paint the terracotta flower pot. It seems that one layer is enough!

Then, since fusion and acrylic paint dry very fast, you can go straight on to your next step. Use ModPodge to glue the glitters to the top part of the flower pot.


Once the ModPodge is on, you need to work fast and pour the glitter on too, before it dries.

Once you’re done shaking excess glitter off, you are ready to start on the shamrock. Hey, so far so good! For the next step, I used a sticky stencil I made myself (and I can do the same for you!!).


Just stick the shamrock, or it’s outline, as you wish, onto the flowerpot. Modpodge over it, over the edges if you used the shamrock or inside the lines for the outline of the shamrock.

All you need to do now, is pour some more glitter onto the ModPodge, then carefully remove the stencil.


You can add what you want in it, I used some paper grass, sold anywhere. You can put gold chocolate coins or other too! And as you want to reuse it as often as you want, all you have to do is turn them around, add Easter eggs in them and they’ll be cute as can be!

Ok, I can breathe again, this actually went pretty good! If you want to see the whole process in my live Facebook video, just follow this link! Some info will be given in there to seal your pots if you want to use them for actual flowers.



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