Wait, what? How, when did this happen? I mean… I know how, but time ran away from me and I just didn’t see it coming  I will be honest with you: the end of 2018 and beginning of 2019 were hard for my family and I. Between my own health and that of my kids, life and all it’s ups and downs, I sadly neglected you my friend.

While most of these health issues are gone, some are not. Nothing serious, don’t worry, but I now feel ready to get back at it.

With every spring, I usually get this renewed energy and desire to create. It all started with my first craft day back in March. It felt amazing to have dedicated crafting time with friends. It was so good that I am doing it again!

Mark it on your calendar: April 8th is the next one. Bring your project and supplies. Come join us from 10 to 3 pm or just for an hour and enjoy some glorious crafting time. For an easy lunch, bring a potluck item.

Sounds like something you would like to do? Sign up by April 1st at Get Crafty to book your spot and get a special free gift from me or *new* upgrade your free gift to a craft kit for only $25. Sign up for the newsletter and get a 10% discount code applicable on your next purchase.

This is how much is left to sign up:








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