Birthday Reflections

It’s my birthday. A rambling post of me reflecting on the past years but especially month. A really honest post about mental health and the start of many more I hope.


Sugar Free Challenge

I’m officially going Sugar-Free this September, and the first week of my challenge is here! I’m embarking on this healthy quest and kissing the candy and fizzy drinks goodbye for the 30 days of September to raise money for the …


New season new start

I was just on Facebook and it asked me: What’s on your mind? So, what is on my mind? Every season brings a new start. This fall will bring a lot of changes for my family. Hubby started a new …


2015 reviewed

2015 is over. What have we achieved? Read about it now.


Homemade butter recipe

A quick and simple recipe to make your own butter, using store bought cream or your own.
#homestead #fresh #butter #recipe