Welcome to our life, our craziness and our new adventure! Join me and my boys in this new venture.

And so it starts!

My husband and I moved from Quebec in 2004 to this gorgeous, hilly, place in Rossburn, Manitoba.  Funny, since I always swore that I would never, ever live in the middle of nowhere, gravel road type place since I was a teenager, growing up on a dairy farm, in the middle of nowhere, gravel road type place.

My parents raised 4 of us while also working very hard on their dairy farm.  I won’t go to deep into that… gotta keep some mystery right? 😉 Now, that I am a mom too, I can honestly say that I have no idea how she did it all.  But anyway, as far as I can remember, she always had a garden.

Flash forward ___ years (really?), I am now raising three boys of my own and living in the middle of nowhere in this awesome small community that I proudly call home.  I have a business management diploma, am a certified municipal administrator, just shut down my web design company and I am finally connecting with my passion: gardening! (I said it at the start… craziness!)

I have big plans so hang in there!

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