We made it!

So we moved into our new house but had no budget left to change all the furniture to finally “match”.  We are still carrying a lot of hand-me-downs and student furniture. We didn’t really buy new anyway as, let’s face reality, we have three rambunctious boys and now 2 dogs that would destroy any good lucking furniture in 2 seconds flat.

So, what is a girl to do?

I don’t know what others would have done. I can only tell you about what I did.  I stacked almost all the furniture in MY garage; I don’t need a She-shed thank you very much 😉 What furniture made it into the house you may ask? Well, the boys had their beds (no headboard though), the living room had a couch and one old falling apart TV corner stand, our kitchen had a table and chairs, and my one splurge, a brand new desk set in my office. I also moved a shelving unit into the living room as we just needed that extra space for the boys books and DVDs.

Remember my love for Fusion?

That when I started my fun adventure with Fusion paint. After the success of my doors, I just had to keep on going (yes, I had to – don’t question it). So, how do you choose which piece comes first? The one that is the most needed to empty all those boxes and get life back on track that is.  In our case, a filing cabinet for the office.  It was such a mess in my office that I don’t think I have a before pic of it. I knew that in order to keep hubby’s business afloat, I had to organize it a bit.

The beginning of my Office Make-Over


We did have one bigger filing cabinet that an ugly beige/grey color, you know the one, the one standard from the store. Hubby didn’t think it could be painted as it was metal, but Ariel from the Happy Little Paint Shop here in Rossburn suggested Fusion. So, that what I went with.

First, the prep

The first thing that I did was to sand it down lightly.  Just enough so that the original paint was slightly scuffed.  This allows for the next layer of paint to adhere very well. I then washed it with TSP and let it dry.


Sanded, washed and primed

I applied my first layer: Ultragrip by Fusion Paint. This is like a primer.  It is the “glue” between the material and the paint. On metal, I would not skip this step. This is what takes the longest really as the Ultragrip needs to cure for 12 hours before you apply your next coat.

My lights aren’t the greatest in my garage. It looks like the color changed but it barely did.  The Ultragrip goes on whiteish but dries to clear.

Now, the fun part: Color!

First coat of Fusion Chocolate

This picture shows the cabinet drying after the first layer of Fusion in Chocolate was applied. The first coat always comes through as really spotty, but trust the process, it comes out gorgeous.

*A quick tip before you start painting: dip your paint brush in water.  You want the bristle wet but not dripping. It helps get the paint on smoother*


I waited until the first coat was dry and then went ahead with the second one.  I finished it with one layer of Fusion ToughCoat to seal it. It protects the paint and allows for easier dusting. Once that was all dry and had cured for 3 weeks, I applied one small silver band of Washi tape to add a little something to it.  It then went into my office and it was put to good use. See picture below for a side by side before and after!

What I learnt

I can do this! If I would do this again, I wouldn’t paint the inside edge of the drawers.  I keep forgetting that paint adds a layer and that it will stick.  So my bottom drawer is a bit sticky, but otherwise, I love my project.  It is easy to dust and looks so much better than before! Eventually, I will be adding some vinyl deco to it, now that I have my Cricut 😉

What about you?

Have you done any cabinet upgrade? Show me in the comments below!
Haven’t done one? Show me your piece of furniture that could use a boost.


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