I’m officially going Sugar-Free this September, and the first week of my challenge is here!

I’m embarking on this healthy quest and kissing the candy and fizzy drinks goodbye for the 30 days of September to raise money for the Canadian Cancer Society.

I’d appreciate any support you can give throughout the month. Every donation will make a difference! Simply visit http://www.sugarfreeseptember.ca/users/karina-ketelsen to make a donation!

Thanks in advance for your sponsorship!

P.S. It’s not too late to join me for Sugar-Free September. Head to www.SugarFreeSeptember.ca/signup and we can be healthy buddies!

What does Sugar Free mean to me?

I have decided to cut out all refined sugar and all the what I call “fake” sugar (all those -ose words on labels) and syrups. I will allow honey in my house as a natural sweetner but in moderation. And all the family is participating!! My biggest challenges will be breakfast and snacks I think as I avoid a lot of processed items already.

But, that being said, this is to take conscience of all the added sugars that we eat in one day. Just this morning, I realized that there is sugar in peanut butter (there went my breakfast idea!). And we cheated already by using a little ketchup over lunch… didn’t think about the sugar until it was to late. LOL

Follow us here in our journey. Do you have a great sugar free recipe that you would like to share? Comment below!