Nowadays, more people are planting their own gardens in order to make the healthiest, freshest and tastiest food for their families. That’s why Pampered Chef offers a range of gardening tools that make growing your own produce fun and easy.

The Pruning Shears are ideal for maintaining a garden of any size. Ours are made with corrosion-resistant, durable, sharp stainless forged blades that cut through branches, twigs and stems easily. Plus, the handles are really comfortable to hold and use with or without gardening gloves. Other great features, like a wire-cutting notch, sap groove, shock absorber and plated spring, make these shears as good and possibly better than more expensive versions you’ll find in stores.

3-year guarantee (excluding blades and spring).

You can get yours by contacting me. (I am a independent consultant for Pampered Chef.  Buying this product will not cost you more but you will help me support my family.  *In Canada only, sorry, not in Quebec*)