• Aug2016

    New season new start

    I was just on Facebook and it asked me: What’s on your mind? So, what is on my mind? Every season brings a new start. This fall will bring a lot of changes for my family. Hubby started a new …

  • Jun2016

    Rossburn Community Market

    Our market started May 28 and is going every Saturday from 10-1 at the Ukrainian National Hall in Rossburn, MB. I bake my fresh Artisan Breads every Friday and setup shop at the Market. Curious about all the types of …

  • Jan2016

    2015 reviewed

    2015 is over. What have we achieved? Read about it now.

  • May2015

    Homemade butter recipe

    A quick and simple recipe to make your own butter, using store bought cream or your own.
    #homestead #fresh #butter #recipe

  • Apr2015

    How to pick your seeds 101

    With the overwhelming selection available, how does one choose what to grow?

    You can find all kinds of articles online about it, you can find a lot of information on Pinterest (you can follow me there too!), but really, how does one choose?