Look out 2018

Better late than never goes the saying right?

I just had a great talk with my admin assistant aka my sister aka the greatest sister ever aka “what would I do without you”.  Watch out 2018!

I know it has been quiet since Christmas on here and we are changing that up soon.  

Why such a silence? 

When my little N started Nursery School, I decided to add a daycare day to his/my schedule so that I could focus solely on my business. I revamped it’s format a little, built a great clientele (you guys are the best!) and had one goal for the balance of 2017: I wanted to add 20 items to my online shop.

Well, let me just say that we added over 30 items! That is so much more than I had planned for.  I was also much busier than I had anticipated. And both of those were and still are awesome.  You absolutely blew my mind in a good kinda way. 

And then 2018 came around.

I’ll be honest, I was scared to put down a goal.  I wanted to have a big annual goal to break up into smaller ones… but couldn’t.  Not that I didn’t want to, not that I didn’t have the orders, not that I had no goals, I just couldn’t write it down.  Fear of failing, fear of putting it out there, fear of judgement… I don’t know… how about “All of the above?”

So, I sat down a while ago and kinda drafted something up… but still couldn’t come up with it. Then, I found my 2018 theme, for both my personal and business life: Take Control. And finally, I have the rest of it on paper too!

Objective for 2018: Building up my website.

To do so we will: 

  1. post a new blog post every 2 weeks;
  2. add one workshop
  3. add one kit
  4. start a newsletter
  5. add at least 20 more items to my shop

There it is! Now… to hit the publish button. 😉

Tell me in the comments, what is your theme for 2018? Or do you have a resolution? What is your goal?

2 thoughts on “Look out 2018

  1. Gail Meir

    It certainly can be difficult to put your goals on paper. The objective is really how much of a goal do you want to post? A business partner years ago suggested that I have one goal for example: Family and then to break it down by twelve…. a mini goal to get me to my all time goal… Family divided by twelve months of the year. Then I needed to put the entire thing on paper. Once it is down on paper… then you see that it is something that you will revisit again. Now you can break it down by seasons… and then by months… and their it is in black and white. It is not like a goal cannot be modified after it is on paper. Your objective is to remember… What is it I must do….to get me where I want to be. By all means… be balanced in all things.

    • Karina

      Yes! this is a great way of seeing and doing it! Thank you for sharing 🙂


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