Better late than never goes the saying right?

I just had a great talk with my admin assistant aka my sister aka the greatest sister ever aka “what would I do without you”.  Watch out 2018!

I know it has been quiet since Christmas on here and we are changing that up soon.  

Why such a silence? 

When my little N started Nursery School, I decided to add a daycare day to his/my schedule so that I could focus solely on my business. I revamped it’s format a little, built a great clientele (you guys are the best!) and had one goal for the balance of 2017: I wanted to add 20 items to my online shop.

Well, let me just say that we added over 30 items! That is so much more than I had planned for.  I was also much busier than I had anticipated. And both of those were and still are awesome.  You absolutely blew my mind in a good kinda way. 

And then 2018 came around.

I’ll be honest, I was scared to put down a goal.  I wanted to have a big annual goal to break up into smaller ones… but couldn’t.  Not that I didn’t want to, not that I didn’t have the orders, not that I had no goals, I just couldn’t write it down.  Fear of failing, fear of putting it out there, fear of judgement… I don’t know… how about “All of the above?”

So, I sat down a while ago and kinda drafted something up… but still couldn’t come up with it. Then, I found my 2018 theme, for both my personal and business life: Take Control. And finally, I have the rest of it on paper too!

Objective for 2018: Building up my website.

To do so we will: 

  1. post a new blog post every 2 weeks;
  2. add one workshop
  3. add one kit
  4. start a newsletter
  5. add at least 20 more items to my shop

There it is! Now… to hit the publish button. 😉

Tell me in the comments, what is your theme for 2018? Or do you have a resolution? What is your goal?

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