New product alert: Shawl

Crocheted by yours truly, this limited edition shawl will keep you warm when the temperatures dip. It is perfect to have in the camper for those cooler evenings around the fire or for the fall when you aren’t ready to put the summer clothes away just yet.

Yarn is 100% acrylic, machine washable and dryable.
It measures about 70″ across (from tip to tip) and 31″ down (from top middle to end of tip).
It weighs about 1.5 lbs.

Click on the link to see more pictures of this beauty or better yet, to buy it. It is perfect for yourself or for a friend, don’t miss out. Only one available.

How to repaint your filing cabinet

We made it!

So we moved into our new house but had no budget left to change all the furniture to finally “match”.  We are still carrying a lot of hand-me-downs and student furniture. We didn’t really buy new anyway as, let’s face reality, we have three rambunctious boys and now 2 dogs that would destroy any good lucking furniture in 2 seconds flat.

So, what is a girl to do?

I don’t know what others would have done. I can only tell you about what I did.  I stacked almost all the furniture in MY garage; I don’t need a She-shed thank you very much 😉 What furniture made it into the house you may ask? Well, the boys had their beds (no headboard though), the living room had a couch and one old falling apart TV corner stand, our kitchen had a table and chairs, and my one splurge, a brand new desk set in my office. I also moved a shelving unit into the living room as we just needed that extra space for the boys books and DVDs.

Remember my love for Fusion?

That when I started my fun adventure with Fusion paint. After the success of my doors, I just had to keep on going (yes, I had to – don’t question it). So, how do you choose which piece comes first? The one that is the most needed to empty all those boxes and get life back on track that is.  In our case, a filing cabinet for the office.  It was such a mess in my office that I don’t think I have a before pic of it. I knew that in order to keep hubby’s business afloat, I had to organize it a bit.

The beginning of my Office Make-Over


We did have one bigger filing cabinet that an ugly beige/grey color, you know the one, the one standard from the store. Hubby didn’t think it could be painted as it was metal, but Ariel from the Happy Little Paint Shop here in Rossburn suggested Fusion. So, that what I went with.

First, the prep

The first thing that I did was to sand it down lightly.  Just enough so that the original paint was slightly scuffed.  This allows for the next layer of paint to adhere very well. I then washed it with TSP and let it dry.


Sanded, washed and primed

I applied my first layer: Ultragrip by Fusion Paint. This is like a primer.  It is the “glue” between the material and the paint. On metal, I would not skip this step. This is what takes the longest really as the Ultragrip needs to cure for 12 hours before you apply your next coat.

My lights aren’t the greatest in my garage. It looks like the color changed but it barely did.  The Ultragrip goes on whiteish but dries to clear.

Now, the fun part: Color!

First coat of Fusion Chocolate

This picture shows the cabinet drying after the first layer of Fusion in Chocolate was applied. The first coat always comes through as really spotty, but trust the process, it comes out gorgeous.

*A quick tip before you start painting: dip your paint brush in water.  You want the bristle wet but not dripping. It helps get the paint on smoother*


I waited until the first coat was dry and then went ahead with the second one.  I finished it with one layer of Fusion ToughCoat to seal it. It protects the paint and allows for easier dusting. Once that was all dry and had cured for 3 weeks, I applied one small silver band of Washi tape to add a little something to it.  It then went into my office and it was put to good use. See picture below for a side by side before and after!

What I learnt

I can do this! If I would do this again, I wouldn’t paint the inside edge of the drawers.  I keep forgetting that paint adds a layer and that it will stick.  So my bottom drawer is a bit sticky, but otherwise, I love my project.  It is easy to dust and looks so much better than before! Eventually, I will be adding some vinyl deco to it, now that I have my Cricut 😉

What about you?

Have you done any cabinet upgrade? Show me in the comments below!
Haven’t done one? Show me your piece of furniture that could use a boost.


2017 Rossburn Community Market

Hey everyone!!!

Have you heard? The market will be back this year!! We have slightly modified the format. We are starting on May 27th from 10-1 at the Rossburn National Home (close to the gas station). After that, we will be there on the 2nd and 4th Saturday of June, July and August.

I will be trying hard to keep you all updated on who is coming but things change fast 😉 Don’t forget to follow me on Facebook and Instagram (@triplenacres) to get all the info needed.

We are always on the lookout for new vendors. We have a licence through the Manitoba Health Department so we welcome all kinds of homemade goodies.

Please show your support to fellow locals that work hard to bring you handmade, homemade and/or homegrown products.  We need you to make this a success for everyone. let me know that you are coming by commenting below and please share with your friends 🙂

See you soon!

When I fell in love with paint

My first Fusion project

A new shop opened a few years back in our small town called My Happy Little Paint Shop. I couldn’t wait to take a look especially since we were in the midst of building a brand new house. I will warn you now, I LOVE that shop. Ariel and Adam are such nice people and so are the kids. I honestly love their paint too… especially the Fusion paint line.  I do not get compensated to talk/use their paint, so this is truly my own opinion.

What was my first project?

As I mentioned we were building a new house.  Our outside is grey so nothing extraordinary there.  I knew that I wanted to do something that would make my front door pop out a bit.  I had attended a few of her workshops before and asked about Fusion for the door. And I am so happy that I did!! It was so simple to do and it is tough!

Prep and paint

That was it.  I didn’t wash my door as it was brand new.  Now, if I were to repaint it, I would just wash it with TSP before prepping.  Fusion is great as you don’t need to prep all the time, but I knew that my doors would take a beating and that I needed them to last, so I chose to apply the Fusion Ultra Grip (their primer) first.  One layer of that and wait 12 hours for it to dry properly.  Then I used Fusion Renfrew to paint. I did 2 layers. And that was it.  I didn’t apply any finisher on it as I ran out of time before winter…. and I still haven’t as both doors are still looking great.  One (my front door) is very protected from the outside elements but my back door isn’t.  Both still look great.

Front door

Back door

And that was just a start…

My vision

I have discovered a great podcast series called “Explore Your Enthusiasm” by Tara Swiger. I really love her philosophy and enjoy listing to the podcasts while working on something else.

In her podcast from Mar. 29, she dove deeper into the question “Do you have a business or a hobby?” and something resonated with me.

According to her, right now, I have a hobby not a business and you know what? That is just fine by me. Really. I have 3 kids that depend on me for a lot of their daily things. My youngest is something else and needs mom, a lot! He will only be 3 once in his life and I want to be there for it. I do not want to be running around like crazy and getting myself sick… again. You know, been there, done that kinda deal. But, that won’t stop me from thinking about it and setting some stones for a great foundation.

At my MOPS meeting this morning, we watched a video called “Becoming…Seen”. Among other things, it talked about the fear of failure and the shame that comes with failure. I realized while listening to the video that there are a lot of new things or ideas that I like to think about, dream about, turn left and right in my head, but never actually try to do.  Just like pretty much everyone, I hate failing.  I do not like the feeling that comes with it so often, so  I won’t even try.

What do these two things thing have to do with this post you may wonder? I have been wondering lately what is my goal? What is my why? Why am I doing this or that? Where am I heading with all these ideas? What will I do when all my kids are in school and more independent?  I love being at home. I do not miss going to work everyday. But I cannot just sit day in day out and not do something. So it got me thinking. As I listened to this one podcast about having a hobby vs a business, the one thing that struck a major cord was this: The big difference between a hobby and a business is a vision. A business has a clear vision of where it wants to go and why it is. I am also sick of not going anywhere, of feeling like I am going in circles, that my life hasn’t changed really in the last 10 years. I do not want to be stagnant for the rest of my life. I need to try something, with the risk of failing.

So, since I do not have a business (yet), here are my first steps towards my vision for Triple N Acres:

  • Creating a hobby farm that will provide for my family.
  • Creating something fun and fulfilling for myself.
  • Creating a business that will be there for me when my kids need me less.
  • Creating a business that is flexible enough to adjust to my family’s needs.
  • Allowing me to care for myself when my body and mind need me to.

So my vision would read something like this:

“Triple N Acres will be a hobby farm striving for self-sufficiency and fulfillment, both physically and mentally.”

I like this, I like this a lot?

How about you? What are you failing at? What have you done lately to conquer that fear? What is your vision (personal or business).  Please share in the comments below!
Don’t forget to follow me on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest and of course, here on my site! Cheers!!


I can Belong

Happy New Year!!

Welcome to 2017!  I hope you had a great evening celebrating the last day of 2016 and that you are all ready to tackle the New Year.

My 2017 theme

I am not one to do New Year’s Resolutions as I know I can’t keep them.  What I have been doing for the last few years is pick a theme.  If you noticed the banner on this website, my 2017 theme is I CAN.

In my last post back in October I talked about my mental health issues (anxiety) and I have been working on that and myself since then. I am pleased to say that thanks to a low dose of medications and therapy, I am feeling much better. At the same time, I am saddened when I think about how much I have missed out on in the last decade due to the un-diagnosed health problem.

A new year in the making

Today, my hubby took us on a ride in the field behind our house.  He was on Little Blue pulling the trailer with Little N, our 2 dogs and I while the 2 oldest were on sleighs behind us. It was a great day to be outside as it wasn’t to cold nor to windy and the sun was shining.  As we were driving along, I was mesmerized by the beauty around me: the twinkling snow, the shining sun, the beautiful valley, everything was just so beautiful. And then it hit me: This is my home! This is my place.

I mean, we have been here for what… 12 almost 13 years… and it’s been ours since 2007, but I just never believed it or really thought about it.  But today, as I was thinking about the new year and my theme and seeing all this beauty around me that thought just wormed its way into my head. I Belong here! This is MY place.

be·long (bəˈlôNG/)

1. (of a thing) be rightly placed in a specified position.
2. (of a person) fit in a specified place or environment.

I fit into this environment, this is my place, my life is rightly placed in this specific location, this is where I should be.

It is hard to explain how I feel.  We had a great evening last night with friends and their kids.  This was the first time that we had people over in a long time for a supper/evening. For me dealing with anxiety, it is easy to feel overwhelmed and just avoid inviting people to avoid the anxiety.  I was dreading the evening a bit, not due to the people coming (as they are great friends to us) but my expectations of what I think should be done before to make it a great evening (you know, the cleaning, the meal, the kids, the presentation of it all).  And that is just it:  My expectations of what I think needs to be in order for it to be a successful evening. But I managed to let go, enjoy the process, get it all done without panic, and then, to simply ENJOY the evening.  It was a successful evening, but not because the house was clean, or because of the meal or the kids or the decorations, it was because we laughed, had fun, talked, played games and rung in the New Year with friends. I belonged in that moment. 🙂

And so I woke up this morning and I felt great! I was thrilled to have this new year and all it’s possibilities. I was happy to have a great husband. I was happy to have my 3 year old greet me, to hear my 5 and 9 year old playing. And then we went for that ride and that feeling from last night came back: I CAN BELONG!

Birthday Reflections

Where to start? It has been one heck of a year. So many things, little and not so little happened. I was lying down with my two littler boys for a small nap (I am older after all) and my brain kicked in. Next year, I will be as old as my Mother-In-Law was went I met her the first time! And that thought has been running around in my head for hours and kept me up tonight. It’s not that I have an issue with getting older, not at all. A number is just a number. But so many things have changed for me in those years and it does make me wonder what is going to happen now.

I have been pretty silent on here as I just don’t know how to write about what this Thing. You see, one month ago, I woke up not feeling well at all. I had been fighting a severe heartburn for a couple weeks, but nothing was helping anymore. I felt so bad, so out of control. I couldn’t breath properly, my throat hurt, my head hurt so often, I wasn’t feeling good at all. So, off to the ER I went. Turns out that I did indeed have a heartburn problem and that I had waited to long to go in and most likely had an infection in my esophagus. So the Dr prescribed my some pills and gave me what they called a Pink Lady. I sat in the hallway for at least 20-30 minutes, wanting to see if I got better.

I decided to go home as the burning sensation was gone. A few times on my 40-minute drive home I had this thought: “Turn around, Go back” but I kept driving. As I got to the last intersection before getting home, I felt as if I couldn’t breath, my hands were shaking, my stomach queasy and I decided to turn around. So back to the ER I went.

I got there and explained to the nurse that I had been here earlier for heartburn, but I still didn’t feel good, that I couldn’t breathe properly. She got me into the the ER room right away and asked me a whole bunch of questions. We decided to try the nibulizer to see if it would help as I did have a congested nose. Sitting there, crocheting on the bed, breathing in the oxygen felt good, but not good enough. The next step was an EKG but that all came back perfect. She went back to her station to call the doctor and see with him what should be done. It took her a few minutes to come back while my breathing got worse again. When she came back, she started asking me all kinds of questions and then asked me this: “Do you think it could be anxiety?”.

Anxiety… when she said that, a light bulb went off and thoughts went racing. It felt to me like I took a long time to answer, but it probably was only a few seconds. There I sat, on a hospital bed, having this moment and thinking, YES! I have a word that totally fits. It felt right. And that’s what I told her. I said to her: “I feel like my body is constantly ready to fight or flight. It’s this feeling of great stress before handing in a big project or when meeting an important deadline. Usually, that stress goes away once the stressor (project/deadline) went, but I felt like it never went away. It just keeps building and building”. She suggested a pill and told me to sit there for 30 minutes and see how that felt.

It took 20 minutes. All of a sudden, I felt my body relax, my brain slowed down, the thoughts became rational. I realized then, that I hadn’t felt that way since before my first was born… he is 9! I stopped crocheting and just sat there, feeling weirdly normal. The nurse came back in and asked me how I felt and I told her. She looked at me and said that she believed, as did the doctor, that I may suffer from anxiety and that I should meet with my family doctor and talk about it.

As I am calling my hubby, I wondered how to tell him? How do I tell him that on top of everything else that we are dealing with, I am adding this? That I have been feeling like this for so long. That I have put myself aside for this long, that I had no idea that I had a problem, but yet, knew somehow that something was going on? But you know what? My hubby is the best (sorry ladies, he is mine!).

As I am driving home, I thought back on the last 10 years and I haven’t stopped since then. I’ll skip all the details, but I will tell you know I am currently on medication for my anxiety and that I have found someone for counselling. Just need to call and take an appointment.

A month has now passed since that day. I am learning to deal with this Thing, this anxiety. I know my husband is worried and so am I, but I am feeling better, not perfect but better. I have started to learn to take more time for me. I have started to realize that the world doesn’t stop turning if I sit down for 30 minutes. I have seen my kids behaving better and smiling more as mom is smiling more. I have finally started to take time to look at them, look at them growing up to be these amazing kids. My relationship with my husband is also getting better, finally. I also see that I have been in a fog for a long time. That I have missed countless moments, memories, times to really be with my kids, husband and friends. That my brain has distorted my reality for so long… and realized that I am lucky, so lucky to be here now. I have isolated myself over time, created this world in my head, this prison. I am breaking free… one brick at a time.

There is no point really here, just some rambling. But as I was lying in my bed, I felt like I had to put my thoughts down on paper, so I choose to write a blog post. This is what I have wanted to do for so long, but didn’t know how or what to write about. I hope to write more in the next weeks. It feels good to get those words and thoughts out of my head.

Thank you for reading this far! Karina

Sugar Free Challenge

I’m officially going Sugar-Free this September, and the first week of my challenge is here!

I’m embarking on this healthy quest and kissing the candy and fizzy drinks goodbye for the 30 days of September to raise money for the Canadian Cancer Society.

I’d appreciate any support you can give throughout the month. Every donation will make a difference! Simply visit to make a donation!

Thanks in advance for your sponsorship!

P.S. It’s not too late to join me for Sugar-Free September. Head to and we can be healthy buddies!

What does Sugar Free mean to me?

I have decided to cut out all refined sugar and all the what I call “fake” sugar (all those -ose words on labels) and syrups. I will allow honey in my house as a natural sweetner but in moderation. And all the family is participating!! My biggest challenges will be breakfast and snacks I think as I avoid a lot of processed items already.

But, that being said, this is to take conscience of all the added sugars that we eat in one day. Just this morning, I realized that there is sugar in peanut butter (there went my breakfast idea!). And we cheated already by using a little ketchup over lunch… didn’t think about the sugar until it was to late. LOL

Follow us here in our journey. Do you have a great sugar free recipe that you would like to share? Comment below!

New season new start

I was just on Facebook and it asked me: What’s on your mind?

So, what is on my mind? Every season brings a new start. This fall will bring a lot of changes for my family.

Hubby started a new job 2 weeks ago. This will free some of my time as I will have less work to do for his company (I did all his book keeping, inventory stuff and whatnot).

School is about to start which will see big N into grade 4 and middle N starting kindergarten. It’ll be little N and me at home 🙂

So, what’s on my mind:

Here is what I know:
1. I am still dreaming of my mini farm.
2. I can’t do it all at once.
3. Right now, I still have one child at home that needs mom… A lot.
4. I have found that I am enjoying working in direct sales even though the learning curve is steep! I think I have done every no-no since I’ve
5. I love connecting with people on here and social media.
6. I want to craft more… A lot more.
7. I am a Pinterest addict. Look for Triple N Acres 😉
8. I can’t wait for Christmas.

Here is what I don’t know:
1. Who are you?
2. What are your interest?
3. What would you like to see more of?
4. What are you looking for on this page?

I feel like I have a lot to share yet don’t want to bore you.

Drop me a comment below, on Facebook, Instagram or on any of my business pages will you?

Until next time,

Tool of the day: pruning shears

Nowadays, more people are planting their own gardens in order to make the healthiest, freshest and tastiest food for their families. That’s why Pampered Chef offers a range of gardening tools that make growing your own produce fun and easy.

The Pruning Shears are ideal for maintaining a garden of any size. Ours are made with corrosion-resistant, durable, sharp stainless forged blades that cut through branches, twigs and stems easily. Plus, the handles are really comfortable to hold and use with or without gardening gloves. Other great features, like a wire-cutting notch, sap groove, shock absorber and plated spring, make these shears as good and possibly better than more expensive versions you’ll find in stores.

3-year guarantee (excluding blades and spring).

You can get yours by contacting me. (I am a independent consultant for Pampered Chef.  Buying this product will not cost you more but you will help me support my family.  *In Canada only, sorry, not in Quebec*)